Arm yourself...with a biro and postcards

A couple of years ago, I began carrying around postcards and a biro in order that I could just draw anywhere, whenever the mood took me. It's something that I now do on a stop-start basis, and wish I had a little more consistency. As with most times I'm creating something, I enjoy the process, but somehow, there is always that 'something' that stops you from picking up your materials to start. Usually it's fear that your work will be no good - this is the reason I started doing this, as I put no pressure or expectations on myself - cheap materials that can be thrown away if you really don't like them. But my collection grew and grew and I didn't throw any of my drawings away, even if they weren't great. 

Some of them recorded my emotional and physical states at the time, others are more abstract and doodly, or simply observational. The images I've shared above are some of my favourites, but there are many more. I'm partly sharing this as I hope to inspire others to do similar, but also to remind myself of how fulfilling it can be, and how germs of ideas can grow from such work.