It's been many months since I last updated my blog, and whilst this has been on hold, my art making certainly hasn't. I moved house in November - we are now Faversham residents and settling nicely into this wonderful community. 
After a hiatus in making art, understandably connected with the upheaval of moving, I'm now able to dedicate proper time almost every day to making and exploring. I've been having 1-1 art lessons with fantastic Whitstable artist Tracie Peisley, who is helping me to spark new ideas and embark on adventures in paint and colour.

I'm also very excited that I'll be getting my own garden art studio in a few weeks - we've ordered a luxury log cabin, which I've been saving up for for some time.

Back to the art - I'm loving the surprises that come with just splashing paint around and applying mixed media.... some great, some not so great, that you put down to experience! I know this is enriching my frame of reference and experience and helping me overcome my nervousness of working in colour as monochrome is most definitely my comfort zone when it comes to my art, having a past firmly rooted in graphite pencil drawings. I will always love graphite on paper, and don't intend to move away from it completely. I'm always compelled by drawings in galleries. There is something so accessible yet beautiful about pencil on paper.... I can't quite put my finger on why.